Creating the perfect mood board

When creating the perfect moodboard, the cliché term applies… "The rules are..there are no rules!" Simply bang out your inspiration from every item you can, whether it be a fabric swatch, magazine page ripped out or a screenshot from Instagram. Your moodboard is a place to let your imagination and run wild! 

We have worked with clients that come to us with all different shapes, styles and sizes of moodboards. One of our clients came with a metre length roll of wallpaper with their fabric swatches and screenshots all sticky taped on to it. It really did make for an interesting and clever mood board and could be easily rolled up when not needed.

Another client simply had a gift bag with a cushion in it and she had decided that she was going to draw inspiration from the colours in cushion. In her gift bag was every colour in the cushion in wallpaper swatches and matching screenshots from Instagram interior shots all printed out. She cleverly narrowed down the process by laying the contents of her bag on the table and then putting them all back in when she was finished. 

Take a look at some boards ideas below: